Every year from 2001 our botanic garden organize International scientific-practical conference “Problems of botany of South Siberia and Mongolia”.

The purpose of the conference is to engage the scientific community in discussing the botanical problems of South Siberia, Mongolia, and adjacent areas, share botanical research, and assess the practical applications of this research.

Subsequent to the conference, we publish the scientific proceedings in the Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ, ( impact factor – 0.111 in 2020) and in ELS ASU (, published annually.

We are also pleased to announce that from last year, our journal “Problems of botany of South Siberia and Mongolia” is published online and all publishes articles get DOI. Previous journals are accessible here

Scientific directions of the conference:

 “Systematics of separate taxa. Morphology and biology of individual species”. Classification of different taxonomic groups of plants, the morphology of parts and biology of species development, descriptions of new species.

“Studies of vegetation in Russia. Flora of Altai, Southern Siberia, Mongolia and adjacent territories. Geobotany and resource searching”. The current state of flora of higher and lower plants, vegetation of natural and urbanized territories, history of the formation of floras of the regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

“Molecular genetic methods in plant research and chemosystematics”. Current applied research of different taxonomic groups of plants based on the latest molecular genetic techniques, applied value in phylogenetic studies of plant objects.

“Plant biotechnology“. Clone micro propagation of plants; the technology of plants gene pool conservation in vitro, regeneration problems in vitro and adaptation of plants ex vivo.

Role of botanical gardens in identification and conservation of plant biodiversity. Plant protection. Nature protection role of botanical gardens, collections of introduced species of wild nature and the results of their acclimatization, value and contribution of botanical gardens in the study and organization of flora protection.

“Plant ecology and phytoindication”. Distribution of plant groups, ecological characteristics, influence of abiotic environmental factors on the growth and development of plants; the use of phyto-indicators.

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