FAST : program for measurements

Domestic software for taking measurements from images. It is primarily used for measuring biological micro and macro objects. It is completely free to use.

Your great assistant for fast acquisition of measurements from a microscope or from a photograph in microns, mm and cm directly into a new Excel document.


Important: when installing the program, allow your Anti-Virus program to have trusted access to it!

Benefits of the FAST (Functional Automated System Tool) program:

  • the ability to work in the program with images of biological objects from the microlevel (micrometers, 10-6) to the macrolevel (centimeters);
  • export of measurement results to a table after manual measurements (preferably Excel MO Office);
  • supported image format – TIFF, JPEG;
  • supports exact fractional measurement values – through “,”;
  • image scaling;
  • editing and deleting records in tables of calibrations and measurements;
  • Hotkeys;
  • changing the thickness and color of the line.

Measurements are carried out by constructing a segment at two points. The measured distance is displayed below the area with the image on the left (by default, in pixels (px)). To carry out measurements taking into account the real sizes of objects in the image, calibration is provided. Each image has individual calibration parameters.

Analogs: PhotoM, Altami Studio, Image Proc., Image J.

When using the FAST program, please indicate the publication in the list of references: Vaganov A.V, Krotova O.S., Khvorova L.A., (2021). Processing and analysis of botanical micro-and macroobjects using computer vision technologies. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2142, 012003.

For reference: for the development of the program module, the Python 3 language and the integrated development environment for this language PyCharm were used. The graphical interface of the program is developed using a set of Python libraries PyQt5 and a tool for designing and creating graphical interfaces Qt Designer.

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